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Follow the 'Happiest Race on Earth'  through Mason Off Road's Live Updates of the 2022 Mexican 1000!

Join the adventure April 29th - May 6th when off road racing returns to its roots for the NORRA Mexican 1000.  Keep up with the race at for live updates, photos, videos, and a behind-the-scenes ride down the Baja Peninsula.  

No other racing event merges the legendary past of off road racing's vintage vehicles with today's modern-day state-of-the-art racing machines.  The 5-day journey begins in Ensenada just across the U.S. Border from San Diego, CA.  Racers will battle each other and the brutal but beautiful terrain as they crisscross Baja working their way south to the ultimate finish line in San Jose Del Cabo.  

Mason Off Road has entered their #1065 Class 1 Buggy with an elaborate vintage-style paint scheme designed by Dave Smith.  Piloting the buggy will be Champion Racer, Dave Mason Jr., along with his father Dave Mason Sr., a former Baja 1000 winner and the man who started the family in off road racing over 30-years ago.  



Latest Race Updates

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Day 1 - Ensenada to San Felipe

10:01pm 5.1.22

NORRA 1000 Day 1 is complete!  We had a really solid run all day but got delayed when we had to stop and help another team stuck on the course.  After everything was sorted out with time penalties of other teams we are in 2nd starting day-2.  Hoping for a smooth run tomorrow! 


For Official Results of Day 1 Click Here (Evolution Unlimited Buggy)

Day 1 Photos

Day 1 Post Race Interview Dave Mason Jr.

Day 1 Post Race Interview Martin Christensen

Day 2 - San Felipe to LA Bay

9:59pm 5.2.22 from Bahía De Los Ángeles BC, México

Day 2 of 5 Race Report: 1st Place Overall! 🏁🏁 After some delays yesterday we bounced back big time finishing 1st.  Martin Christensen drove the first half and made up a lot of time on the competition, then handed it over to Dave Mason Jr, who had a very smooth run without any downtime.  MAXXIS Tires took a serious beating and were flawless, with no flats through the tough conditions. Time to clean up the car and prepare for tomorrow.  The eBay Motors Class 1 starts off first tomorrow! Thank you so much @ebaymotors @maxxistires @bajadesigns @schultzracingfuelcells


Day 2 Full Rundown - Mason Off Road at the Top of the Chart!  Click Here (Evolution Unlimited Buggy)

Watch Live Coverage:

Day 2 Video

Day 2 Interview

Day 3 - LA Bay to Loreto

9:52pm 5.3.22 Day 3 of 5 Race Report from Loreto: 🏁


We started first on the road with a fast pack of cars chasing us down.  Had to remain very focused on running smoothly and minimizing mistakes.  About 80 miles into the first special stage we started having some serious brake issues which we had to manage with sections reaching speeds over 120 mph and through narrow roads with huge cacti on each side.

Despite the brake problems we still came in 2nd overall and 1st in class for stage 1.  Martin Christensen took over the car for the second stage and our crew was able to improve on the brakes.  He was running strong until an alternator failure caused us to lose about 12 minutes when they had to stop and change it.  The good news is the car is in good shape and ready for tomorrow.  At this point, we are 4th overall and 2nd in class with 2-days remaining!  @ebaymotors #ebaymotors #ebaymotorsdavejr @maxxistires @bajadesigns

Day 3 Highlight Video

Day 4 - Loreto to La Paz

They say it is often Baja, not the racer, that decides the outcome of racing the Mexico Peninsula.  And for Mason Off Road this time Baja decided to end their race early.  Martin Christensen was piloting the eBay Motors Class 1 for the start of Day 4 Stage 1.  The Team had been leading their class and was challenging for the overall win throughout the first 3-Days of the 5-Day Rally. 

Dave Mason Jr. was waiting down the course to take over the driving duties for stage 2 of Day 4 when he got the call that the car had crashed and was not able to continue. 


Christensen was moving at a very fast pace when the terrain suddenly changed unexpectedly from sand to rocks.  A massive rock struck the car causing major unrepairable damage.  It is what all race teams dread when racing in Baja.  Months of preparation on the race car.  Countless hours of logistical coordinating and planning.  And it all can end in an instant with just a single rock. 


While the entire Mason team was brought down by the incident, they aren’t the type of team to stay down long.  Over dinner that evening they were grateful that no one was injured in the crash.  Their conversation turned from gratitude to plans for next year.  Mason Off Road is already looking forward to the 2023 NORRA Mexican 1000. Once the team has had some time to make the long trek back to the USA, we will have a full race report. 

A very special thank you to all who support Mason Off Road - Our Amazingly Dedicated Crew, and our Sponsors, eBay Motors, MAXXIS Tires, Schultz Racing Fuel Cells, Baja Designs, and Tri-State General Contractors.  

We have enjoyed bringing you these daily updates and wish there were a few more days to go.  But for now, all we can say is…


Vaya con Dios  (Farewell – Go with God)...Hasta la vista, Baja (until we meet again, Baja)